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Kayla won high jump 4-0 and third in the 55h Patrick wonHJ 4-4, part of the 2nd place 4x1 relay Chris Smith third in the 400, part ofthe 2nd place 4x1 relay,6th in the 200 Sal Smyth first place in the 800(2:51),part of the 2nd place 4x1 relay,2nd place in the 1500 (5:35) Dylan 2nd in the55(7.6),2nd in the 200 (30.2),2nd in the 4x1 relay Anthony 5th in the1500(5.56).
Pictured L to R:P. Kinney, A. Roselli, S. Smith, D. Wong, C. Smith, K. Horan, K. Gonzalez
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