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Brian Orzell, our Regional Training Specialist, says “the parent member provides a parent"s perspective at the meeting”. Brian believes that the role of the Parent Member is to help the parent participate in a meaningful way.


Ecki Stern, one of Eldred’s Parent Members, likes the description from the Parent Network of Western NY website which describes a Parent Member as follows: A parent member of the CSE/CPSE is a parent of a child with a disability who lives in the school district or a neighboring school district. They are at the meeting to support the parents/guardians and to help insure that the focus of the meeting is on the child.


A Parent Member of the CSE/CPSE is NOT a Parent Advocate. A Parent Advocate receives much more in-depth training in things such as special education laws.

A Parent Member is NOT another adult that you choose to attend the CSE/CPSE meeting.


A Parent Member is required by Part 200 of the State Regulations. The Parent Member is bound by the same confidentiality requirements as school personnel. A parent member is a critical participant on the CSE/CPSE process to assist the parent in making educational decisions regarding their child. While the CSE/CPSE requires a parent member per the regulations, a parent can always decline the participation of the parent member.

The role of the Parent Member at a Committee meeting is to:

·         Advocate for the child’s needs

·         Support the parent(s) and explain the process as needed

·         Provide feedback from a parent’s point of view

·         Seek clarification and explain to the parent as needed

·         Participate in decisions as an equal member of the committee



NYSED funds thirteen Special Education Centers state-wide, as resources for you to obtain further assistance in understanding the special education process should you choose:


The Westchester Institute for Human Development
Cedarwood Hall, Room 326
Valhalla, NY 10595
914-493-7899 Fax
Contact person:  Naomi Brickel, Project Coordinator

Region served:  Hudson Valley
Covers the following BOCES: Dutchess; Orange-Ulster; Putnam-Northern Westchester; Rockland; Southern Westchester; Sullivan; Ulster and Yonkers City