UnpaidCoaching Positions Guidelines

Thefollowing must be completed prior to attending practices, helping at practice,and or being on the sideline at games!!

Year 1 Requirements:

·        Personmust be 21 years of age

·        Fillout a Non-School Employees Application—includedin the packet

·        ValidFirst Aid--see print-out #1 courseoffering no cost

·        ValidCPR--see print-out #1 course offering nocost

·        Workshop-- Concussion Management  &Certificate—go to www.cdc.gov/concussion/headsup/online_training.html and complete the free online concussion training for coaches—this willtake approx. 1 hour and has a certificate to complete at the end

·        Workshop– Child Abuse & Certificate—pleasesee print-out #2 and keep the receipt for reimbursement of payment  

·        Workshop– School Violence Intervention and Prevention & Certificate-- please see print-out #2 and keep thereceipt for reimbursement of payment 

·        Boardof Education Approval

·        FingerprintClearance—Contact Bonnie Robertson 845-456-1100 ext. 5128 for this information

Last Modified on July 8, 2014